Make sure to mark your calendar with our 2018 audition dates.

It is never too early to put the 2018 auditions on your calendar.


Auditions for our 2018 production will be held on May 5th and May 12th, 2018, beginning at 9:00 AM ending at 1:00 PM. Callback will be May 19th. You may select either of the two auditions; you are not required to attend both. You only need to stay through your audition; the earlier you sign in, the earlier you will be able to leave. If you are selected for callback you MUST be able to attend on the 19th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Auditioners must be at least 9 years old, bring sheet music, and come prepared to perform a short vocal audition (16 bars). An accompanist will be provided. Taped music is not permitted. Dancers wishing to audition for our show must first audition vocally. Separate dance auditions will be held at callback.

Now this is a great time saver for you when you come to audition. You can download the AUDITION FORM, fill it out and be ready for your picture when you check in. Do not forget to list your experience on the back of the form.

Rehearsals for the show begin the last week in May. Beginning the week of June 1st, rehearsal schedules will be posted weekly. Most performers can expect to be called for rehearsal at least 3 nights per week in the early stages of production, changing to 5 nights per week as we approach opening. Lead characters can expect to be called on any week night and should be available for rehearsal any night.

Junior University requires the talents of young people 9 through college age. There are many speaking roles for all ages. A cast of 75+ performers is selected. Additional information can be obtained by leaving a message at (909) 889-0833.

If you are new to auditioning or need sheet music for your audition song, check out the web for help. For tips on singing auditions check out "Singing Auditions for Actors in Musical Theatre".

If you cannot get the sheet music you need from school or your friends, you can purchase it at You can download sheet music transposed to the key best for you.