Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junior University?

Junior University is non-profit, youth oriented musical theater organization that produces Family Friendly entertainment. Historically, our primary production has been the annual summer performance from a series of musical adaptation of classic childrens stories by local writer/composer, William R. Dixon. Mr Dixon has created unique and timeless versions of many of your favorite stories and they all feature a full orchestra and a large number of young performers. As we move forward, we expect to produce a large variety of content from many talented sources, all with a family entertainment focus.

How much does it cost for my child to participate?

There is no performance fee to be involved in a Junior University production. JU tries to provide everything a child may need. On occasion, specialized dance footwear may be required (for safety reasons) and in those cases you may be asked to provide those items. Other items may be limited to thrift store type items for particular characters and/or groups. In all cases, scholarships are available for anyone who has financial need. We ask for time and talent from our young performers and their supportive families.